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We at Chosen Food, Rosie and Jim, aren’t going to be dicks about food. We might go on about it a lot, but we really don’t want to be dicks. Chosen Food was created to provide an antidote to fashions and fads, though Jim is famous for his passion for fashion. It’s an attempt to try and include food and fun for all the bitches out there, basic or not. We have no training or special knowledge or any smarts at all, we’ve just made a collection of recipes, food, drinks and places to find food that we like. This is our stories of our food and travel.

rosie and jim ice creamrosie and jim ice cream

This is what we think, you don’t have to think the same ok, chill out, but do tell us what you think, we are easily influenced. Health isn’t our main aim, but neither is destroying our bodies with pure grease food. Unless we want to end up like the balloon kid we can’t eat everything all at once, but for a pretty long time now, basically since people were invented (evolved if you want to use the Latin), we have survived very well just eating balanced diets. Therefore ignore the food fads, just eat good food in reasonable amounts. Every now and then also remember to Treat Yourself. If food doesn’t make you feel better or happy we don’t think you been munching on the right stuff yet.

Chosen Food is mostly made pretty with hand-drawn illustrations by Jim’s brother Huw, he’s sick and makes us look better than we are at food and life. Obviously it’s great when food looks good, but if it tastes better then who gives a butt. We don’t really give serving suggestions, the drawings are just there to make your eyes feel happy.

Burgers, cow, burger, tasty beef


About Rosie


Rosie is known as pasta lady in her local kebab shop. She used to be a professional pasta lady, taught by the best in Bologna, but now it’s just for fun. If you wanna know how to make pasta she’s got the knows. Can also host a sick dinner party.  

About Jim


Jim wants to change the world. It makes him well angry when people eat food that is meant to be good for them but makes them sad. How cute is that. Get him to make you a proper salad and you will think twice about your juice diet.


Neither of us really know anything proper about cooking. We think that having watched a really lame amount of food TV and reading a sad quantity of cookbooks justified us creating a blog. That wasn’t actually the reason we did this. It was to learn as much as it is to share knowledge as we explore our food and travel, we ain’t no better than you idiots, we just love it and don’t get out a lot.


Rosie and Jim

rosie and jim


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