Indians Party Better Than You

I know that you probably think you have it down on the dance floor. I mean you’ve got the robot down to a tee, and everyone always cheers when you pull out those aggressively urban moves but hold your tiny dancing horses. Indians party better than you.

Guess what, horses can’t dance too well, they’re all hooves and no hips. Having been in India for a while and been to a few clubs and open air concerts I can safely that nothing compares to how India people dance, especially not horses.

Daggering, the Charleston, the Melbourne shuffle and even the gurney skank might be one thing, but they are almost always fueled by alcohol and drugs. If you need these to party and throw out some shapes then I don’t think you deserve that dancefloor champion prize (btw where are they holding championships because I’ve got some new moves I think could bring the fire). While people do still drink here, having been to an open air dj concert in Kochi, Kerala, where drinking in public is illegal, it was pretty clear everyone was sober.

It was a completely free, completely random, event on the edge of a public park that seemed to attract half the town. Within seconds of the first track being dropped arms were thrown into the air, people jumping in time with the beat in an intoxicating way that meant it was impossible not to join in. Rather than people trying to show off that they knew the next track being mixed in, or showing off they didn’t need to dance to appreciate the music, people just loved having a beat to dance to. Everyone from 6 year old girls to 50 year old men were jumping up and down in a wild and beautiful mass that made you realise that partying for the fact it was fun was the only reason to be there.

The music may have been a bit EDM heavy but fuck it, it was so fun to dance with people whose only prerogative was to have a good time. While the double hand fist pump might be seen as social suicide in the UK, just try it. It is a revelation in dance move culture.

We also managed to chance upon getting into Boiler Room’s first show in India in Mumbai.  Having been to a few shows in the UK, and watched a lot, it is well known that no one dances like mad and if they do the internet world mocks them. In Mumbai this was not the case. When the Indian djs came on, all of whom absolutely nailed it on the night playing banger after banger, the crowd went wild. The fact that it was being filmed only gave an excuse to throw a big middle finger up to anyone who was watching, letting them know that they were not there partying too. When Actress came on, an artist who has never performed in India before, the crowd bounced and grooved just as much. While here alcohol and drugs may have been involved, the crowd were only there for the music and to have a good time, something that sometimes seems to be lacking at home.

@boilerroomtv @max_haynes _rhl in Mumbai chillin like a villain

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So next time you party, throw two fists to the wind of pretension and actually have a good time. While I’m not going to give up drinking, next time you see me I will be dancing with no regrets. The dance master party lord will be out in full swing.

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