Bikaner is famous for its Bhujia, an excellent and delicious kind of namkin (spicy nibble and not to be mistaken for napkin which are arguably inedible and not spicy). Bhujia is made from Gram flour that is made into small noodle strands before being fried and coated in a delicious coating of mixed spices including masala, cumin, coriander, chilli and curry powder. While you can buy it from specialists stalls on station road in Bikaner, Bhujia can be enjoyed all over India where it is a common sight in street stands and corner shops. You can buy them in small bags that will probably be hanging from the ceiling and cost about 10 rupees.


The strands are exceptionally small and do make for difficult eating, but they taste great and are a much better option to crisps in my opinion. They taste a little like what you would imagine when asked to describe Indian food. A mix of heady spices and a warm chilli kick that is only really present once you have gorged yourself on a whole bag.

If you are in Bikaner and you need a little snack to accompany your lassi or a beer, then head over and grab some of the real McCoy. The stuff produced fresh is much tastier. However, if you can’t get there try a bag of Bhujia and chow down till your lips begin to tingle.

As a top tip on how to eat it, rather than pick out the individual strands, pour some into your hand and either shove the whole handful in your mouth or lick off bite size portions (you heard it here first – the licking technique).

Also if you ever need to convert your Barbie to a Travelling Barbie with dreads, or a 90’s throw back one with natty cornrow then use some Bhujia as the hair.

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