Planting asparagus is weirder than you think

When I first started a blog (one without Jim, just me, alone and afraid) I wanted it to be about food and how to grow some of it. However when I started I was living at home with my parents with a really lovely vegetable garden and also some chickens. Even when I first returned to London we had a garden with space for vegetables so pretty lucky on that front.

Now we live in a flat in Peckham and its been winter and I’ve finally got a job. So no plants outside for us.

I went home last week to plant asparagus with Pedro and those guys look weird before you plop them in the ground.

IMG_3528 chieck plus asparagus

Like gross aliens or sutin. Urgh look at them.

If you do have a garden and want to plant asparagus you need quite a lot of space coz these are luxurious plants that need their space. So first step equals find a big bit of dirt space.

Then dig a trench 8 inches deep/do the lazy method and just dig an individual hole for each (shhhh that’s a secret).

Next step is to pile a lumpy but of earth at the middle of all the holes. This will be a tiny underground plinth for your fancy but disgusting looking asparagus babies. Twirl their vile long rooty tendrils around them and cover those freaks up.

asparagus roots

Best time of year to do this? Now. Thats why I’m writing it.

Happy Easter to my chickens and my friends and you.



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