Rosie & Jim Jam

This is my favourite jam recipe. My dad Pedro has been making it for a few years now and everyone loves it.

It’s just rhubarb and ginger, but the flavour and texture from it is really satisfying and not too sweet. It’s pretty bloody different from your strawbs number thats for sure.

Since originally posting this I have had nothing but outrage from Pedro, because he has since made a new improvement to the recipe. It’s just a few bits of crystallised ginger chopped up and added in once you start the cooking. It really emphasises the ginger flavour which is the best bit apart from the rhubarb, which is another great bit.

rhubarb ginger jam

The recipe is from Mrs Beeton’s Book of Cookery and Household Management and when you are munching this jam you will feel like you have managed your house real well.

The rhubarb was from my garden back home, for as much as Pedro loves some stewed rhubarb of an evening, he is basically the only one. So he palmed a load off on me and I carried it around London for the day, it definitely improved the flavour and gave it that urban edge.

rhubarb jam

Jim didn’t really help make it, but the name is hilariously adorable and I think waitrose mums would love it.

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam – Victorian Style

rhubarb jam

Basically this recipe just seemed like mad nonsense to me, I just used it for amounts and cooked it until the rhubarb had broken down and was just jam central. Also it is now winter but forced rhubarb is out in force and does work don’t worry humans. 

The best way to store jam is in jam jars. How weird. It’s really good to sterilise them first (boil them in some water) and I like to close them with cute paper n string just to be the most adorable person you ever met. Obviously lids work as well I guess.

This super short recipe features all the useful info and tips, trust this lady, she is just very cool at jams and pies and all the things you really wish you knew how to cook just from your brain, but helpfully it is in this book. A must read. A classic. 

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