Lobster crème fraiche on an edible bread plate

Delicious canapé to share with friends or just to munch on your own.

  • Cooked lobster
  • crème fraiche
  • lemon
  • dill
  • salt and pepper
  • sour dough toast (or just use normal toast crouton things or even blinis –you just need an edible holder for the lobster mxiture)

Either cook yourself a lobster, or find one that has already been cooked for you. At loads of supermarkets you can get frozen cook lobsters for about £5 that actually taste really good. From my own experience and the expert culinary knowledge of the dailymail I think the Lidl ones are great and actually have loads of meat and taste really good.

How to open the lobster up

Put a sharp knife in the middle of the head, push straight down and cut all the way along the tail and pull the two half tails from the head. There is a load of green stuff in the head, this is all edible, but it is super, super fishy and a lot of people choose not to eat it.

Clean the green and any black from the head end of the tail with a knife (not under water, this will wash off some of the taste). Clean any of the intestine tract that you can see too. For the claws, pull them off from the body and cut through the shell at the thick claw end and along the arms. With a long tooth pick, or fondue fork carefully pick out the meat. With the meat from the claws and the tail meat chop it all up into small chunks.

Lobster, shell, illustration
Lobster Claws by Huw Roberts

To this add some crème fraiche. Only add a little crème fraiche at first, you don’t want to over power the lobster, also too much makes the mixture really watery and it will drip through the sour dough bread air holes (this is obviously disastrous and can end up with your hand covered in yogurt – not a good look if you are trying to flirt). You can always add more later.

Next add a little lemon juice, salt, pepper and some dill. Now taste. Lobster is fairly delicate so taste and see if you think it needs more of anything else. Once you get it tasting how you like, spoon some onto your bread vessel and put onto a plate. Then either, hire a waiter to carry them around your party so that you look like an absolute boss, or just eat them on your own, or just give them to people.

Whatever way you want to serve them it doesn’t matter, they are still tasty and they have lobster so you can wear your Sunday best when eating them and feel like it’s the right thing to do.

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