Peeling Ginger like a boss

Ginger is great, it has a very fresh, sharp taste that always lifts dishes complementing Asian flavours and ingredients turning something, that on its own might be considered bland, into something straight out of flavour town (must add that this is not a real place I am aware of, but it would be good. Imagine a whole land which if you licked stuff tasted amazing.).

Anyway, a lot of dishes require ginger, whether you grate it up add it in slices or just want a lump of it to help flavour poaching water. Don’t worry I am not promoting poaching of rhino horns, just cooking up stuff in liquids. When you need that bit of ginger you always have to get rid of that weird brown skin stuff that coats ginger and its spindly finger like forms. While you can chop this stuff off, you always end up wasting loads of the ginger. To get around this try scraping the coating off with a spoon. I know that spooning ginger sounds weird, and perhaps a little spicy if you do the wrong type of spooning, but give it a go. It’s much easier that cutting it off and you are left with all the ginger you’re hard earned or stolen money got you. Once you’ve peeled it why not try and pickle the flesh and make some tasty Gari.


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